Hot Milk's new single "California's burning"

a kind-of-review

On July 3rd, british band Hot Milk released a new single, "California's burning". Hot Milk describe their sound as "emo power pop" but this song is so much more. You can hear influences from punk, hip hop and electronic and of course some great, meaningful lyrics. For example, the first verse "semi-automatic in a candy store/strangers break down your door/NRA on the senate floor/is this the life you’re looking for?" or "lock up kids just to ignore/a rainbow flag they wanna cure".

You can buy the single as a vinyl ("California's burning" on the A side and "June Gloom" and "Wide awake (in awful ever after)" on the B side from A portion of profits from every sale will be given to Black Lives Matter and Stop Hate UK. You can watch it on YouTube or listen to it on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music. Also, Hot Milk announced that there will be a music video on YouTube soon.