Big & Beautiful: Why Large Format Tiles are Taking Over

In the world of tile design, one trend that continues to gain momentum is large format tiles. Defined as tiles with at least one side longer than 15 inches, these oversized beauties are making a big statement in homes everywhere. What’s behind their rising popularity? Several compelling factors are fueling their takeover.

Large format tiles align perfectly with modern and contemporary design aesthetics. Their expansive size allows for a sleek, minimalist look with fewer grout lines. This creates a smooth, seamless flow ideally suited for open concept spaces. The Ceramic Tile Shop offers a diverse selection of rectified porcelain and natural stone options to achieve this polished aesthetic.

Installing oversized tiles empowers you to make a bold design statement using fewer total tiles. This translates to faster installation compared to small mosaic tiles. And because fewer tiles are needed to cover the same square footage, material costs end up lower too. Since tile installers charge by the hour, the reduced labor equates to additional savings.

Aesthetically speaking, large format tiles beg to be showcased as the centerpiece. Their substantial scale provides a clean, uncluttered canvas ideal for highlighting the tile’s inherent beauty and character. Showcase the subtle veining and natural variations of polished marble or realistic wood-look porcelain tiles in an uninterrupted, expansive flow.

For busy homeowners, less grout lines mean less grout maintenance over time. Large format tiles with their wide, expansive surfaces require less grout sealing and cleaning. And because rectified options have laser-cut edges that align with precision, the grout lines remain uniform and tight.

The driving force behind large format tiles’ surging popularity? A rising demand for a streamlined, minimalist aesthetic aligned with current modern design trends. When planned and installed properly, these big and beautiful tiles deliver magnificently. Visit the Ceramic Tile Shop to explore the many possibilities and bring bold, oversized elegance to your home.