Sofa Upholstery Services: Costs and Considerations

If your well-loved sofa is looking worn, professional upholstery services can meticulously restore it to its former glory. But before booking sofa reupholstery, it’s important to understand the costs and key considerations involved.

A standard eight-foot sofa generally ranges from $800-$1500 to have the upholstery fully replaced by qualified pros. Sectional sofas are more complex, ranging from $1500-$3000 depending on size. Costs vary based on your fabric selection and the complexity of labor required. Expect to pay approximately $25-$75 per yard of fabric, plus $100-$200 per cushion to have the filling replaced. Sofa upholstery services with decades of experience understand how to engineer each sofa for optimal longevity.

Keep in mind that your existing sofa frame will also be inspected to determine if structural reinforcement is needed. Repairing a loose frame, replacing broken springs, or adding burlap backing can add $200-$500 in reengineering costs. Quality sofa upholstery services reinforce foundations properly so your sofa lasts a very long time.

For premium fabrics like high-end leather, silk, or designer upholstery textiles, expect upholstery costs to be on the higher end of estimates. Simple slip covering using standard cotton comes in on the lower end. Sofa upholstery services can guide you to fabrics that suit your budget and lifestyle needs.

When calculating costs, longevity and quality should be your top concerns, not just price alone. A few hundred dollars more for better materials, certified professionals, and structural work pays off exponentially in additional years of use you’ll get from your sofa. Rushing into DIY upholstery to save money often leads to disappointment.

Be sure to get an itemized quote from your sofa upholstery service outlining fabric, labor, cushion, and frame restoration costs. Reputable providers offer free consultations and estimates. Read reviews and ask to see examples of their workmanship. Then relax into your beautifully revived sofa knowing the investment was well worth it.