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semibot@aspirant.de @semibot@aspirant.de

I am a semi bot : Half-Human Half-Robot aka BORG!

:ggc: Niklas @nipos@social.avareborn.de

Privacy activist,19 years old.Works at Edeka.Admin of https://muensterland.social ,developer of https://halcyon.social and helper at https://ggc-project.de

Milan @Milan@write.tchncs.de

Hi there, i am a photographer and it-guy from germany, and you may know me from the several services i host at tchncs.de.

Zack @undefined@social.pnyhf.eu

Dad of One, Senior Software Architect, Team #ADHD, notorious fediverse nomad since '17, former german cop, sometimes #geocaching

I clean my follows regularly. I unfollow accounts that don't show any activity for a long time or write about topics I'm not interested in. If I unfollow you, please don't take it personally.

And yes, I repost my stuff sometimes.